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Local Home Delivery Schedule

We have two different delivery days: Tuesday and Friday.

Place your order by 3:00pm on Monday and 3:00pm on Thursday to receive your order the next day.

We go out for delivery starting at 5pm and will be out until 9:00pm, and will be dropping off all items ordered. Please have someone at your residence during these times so we can ensure the proper delivery of products!

What is the freshness of the milk and eggs?

The product you are receiving comes directly from the farm. Your milk and eggs are picked up the day before, or the day of your delivery. The product you are receiving comes directly from the farm and is as fresh as it gets!

How does national shipping work?

We currently ship out on the first of each month. You will receive an email when it is shipped.

This will be an overnight delivery that will arrive at your address per UPS’s shipment schedule.

Sometimes UPS will hold product longer than they are supposed to, so please call us if you have any questions!

How does bulk delivery work?

These will be for bulk beef or bulk pork deliveries. What you are paying for is the initial down payment for the cut and delivery. The rest of the cost for the animal will be expected at a later date per request of the farmer. We will personally pick up the pork or beef from the butcher and bring it to your address in coolers. Please have your freezer turned on 24 hours in advance so you can get the product straight into your freezers!

What makes your food better?

Grass-Fed/Finished Produce:

Go to the learn tab of the website and read Farmogic’s published blogs to learn the list of benefits of grass-fed/finished produce.

Hand selected farms:

Our team has taken visits to each farm to ensure they meet our quality standard.

Our standards include:

Non-GMO feed (corn, soy etc.), beef and pork is 100% grass-fed, and no antibiotics, hormones, or anything outside of what these animals were naturally intended to have.

How do I stay connected

Search @farmogic on instagram and facebook to get weekly posts about the benefits of grass fed/grass finished produce. Also, make sure to subscribe with your email in the footer.

What should I expect after I place my order?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email of what you ordered. On the day of delivery, you will be notified when we are out for delivery, followed by a message from one of our delivery drivers when they are on their way to your home. Once we arrive, we plan to hand the product to you unless specified otherwise in any extra instructions you provide at checkout.