About Us

Farmogic’s Humble Origins

How did we begin? We began when our founder Nick decided to purchase a local beef share. Sure, but how did that lead to the Farmogic as we know it today? A tight-knit group of friends, and others impacted by this decision were transformed by the benefits of Bloomington’s grass fed/grass finished farms. It was time to bring the opportunity of daily transformation to the door steps of homes! The group of friends titled the effort Farmogic - the most logical choice for residents to purchase local produce. Surely, if the news is good enough, it must be shared.

Building for the farmers too:

At Farmogic, we have a passion for locally farmed food. We believe that it is not only healthier for people, but also better for the environment and the local economy.

We noticed that many small local farmers were struggling to find customers and compete with larger, industrial farms.

The notion that we could provide a transformative experience for the farmer as well, by not taking percentages from their sales, meant that we could position ourselves as a transformative experience for both the farmer and consumer. With life and business altering opportunity for everyone involved, Farmogic delivery was born.

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Vendor Selection

Not only is Farmogic finding local farmers, but is finding the best of the best. Ensuring all of our partners are farming their products the way they were intended to be farmed. This means no antibiotics, added hormones, corn, grain, soy or GMO-laden feed.

Each product we sell has been hand selected by our team with the intention of ensuring it meets the highest quality standards in the industry. Our team visits each and every farm in order to ensure that our standards are met and to build relationships with the many amazing local farmers. We do this so you don’t have to! Shop worry free knowing that we will provide products that promote the health and well-being of our community.

This is our way of making locally sourced farms the logical choice.

Farmogic's Mission

Farmogic is on mission as the logical choice for delivering local produce to homes, so that:

-There is an increase in the communities health and wellness baseline.

-Easy access to the most nutrient dense locally farmed products is readily available.

-We may assist the growth of local farms at a cost of no additional work for them.

“I feel it is my calling from the Lord to provide a platform for the foods that are raised the way they were supposed to be. We focus our mission with this belief in mind.” -Founder Nick Willham